Upgrade Compaq LTE Lite/20 Laptops Memory

 Memory Specifications
Standard2 MB (non-removable)
Maximum18 MB
Slots1 slot
CommentsEarlier models require a BIOS upgrade diskette (available free from Compaq, P/N 129899-001) in order to support the 16MB memory card.
CPU Type20MHz Intel i386SL
Model Comments66MHz FSB, Intel 815E Chipset

Your Compaq LTE Lite/20 can support up to 18 MB of memory. For optimal system performance install the maximum amount of memory in each memory socket, this system comes with standard amount of   2 MB (non-removable) RAM. One or more of the sockets in the system might be already filled with memory. Whenever you upgrade, you can either add memory to one of the open sockets and/or remove memory from a filled socket and replace it with a higher capacity memory module. Select your Memory Upgrade for Compaq LTE Lite/20.